The girl-child shouts an obscenity

I know you would have laughed. I can see your face, bright like sunshine, eyes crinkled with laughter.  It’s you that I wanted to call & tell, you who would have felt my mix of shame and delight.

It was Sunday.  We took the children to feed the ducks & to play frisbee on the green.  It was nice.  They had fun running around.  Girl-child asked boy-child to tell her what the delightful graffiti said.  They chatted to one another as they ran up the steps the castle green.  Both children began to shout random rhyming words.

An older couple walked by & commented on our lovely children, just as girl-child shouted the following words AT THE VERY TOP OF HER VOICE:


I think you’d find that really funny.

I love you mumsie.


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